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Showcasing CAW Solantis Florida Nest

Showcasing CAW Solantis Florida NestShowcasing CAW Solantis Florida Nest

Working to bring dreams to life!

Call for submissions




The Journal of the Church of All Worlds Solantis Nest




The Church of All Worlds, Solantis Nest, which covers Florida, but also the US & the world, is excited to announce Green Egg’s love child: Solantis Magazine. We want you to get acquainted with who we are so you will know what we are looking for in submissions. So let’s begin with a little bit about CAW (Church of All Worlds) of which Solantis is one branch.  


The Church of All Worlds was the first federally registered Pagan organization in the US. In 1968 Tim Zell (now Oberon Zell) founded CAW, inspired by Robert Heinlein’s science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land, in which a fictional CAW plays a pivotal role. The real-life CAW may be Pagan, but we’re also futurists, progressives, nudists, and/or sci-fi & fantasy aficionados, among other forward-thinking elements. Visit the website for more info:


Green Egg is the official journal of CAW. It has gone through many stages of evolution since the 60s,& is now available in digital form to all members of CAW anywhere in the world. More information


The Church of All Worlds Solantis Nest serves to manifest CAW’s Mission Statement, provide community for its members, & publish Solantis, the Nest’s journal.

The mission of the Church of All Worlds is to “evolve a network of information, mythology & experience to awaken the Divine within & to provide a context & stimulus for reawakening Gaea & reuniting Her children through tribal community dedicated to responsible stewardship & the evolution of consciousness.” The Solantis Nest seeks to further define, explore, expand, & bring into reality this mission statement, particularly through the Solantis journal.

CAW Solantis serves its members by providing physical, spiritual, digital, & creative spaces in which to gather, share, combine our resources & ideas, & work on the project of personal & global transformation. 

Solantis, the Nest’s journal, offers the main forum for Nest news, articles, essays, fiction, art, & photography. In association with CAW’s Green Egg, our journal serves to give voice to our creativity, offer notices & appropriate advertising, generate income for the Nest, & provide publishing opportunities to authors & artists around Florida, the US, & the world.  


Solantis, the Nest’s magazine, offers the main forum for Nest news, articles, letters,  essays, fiction, art, & photography. In association with CAW’s Green Egg, our journal serves to give voice to our creativity, offer notices & appropriate advertising, generate income for the Nest, & provide publishing opportunities to authors & artists around Florida, the US, & the world.  

The editors of Solantis believe that storytelling, in all its varieties, serves as a form of spiritual development that affects our psyches, as writers and as readers, leading to bio-chemical changes in the brain that can lead to transformation and the calming of daily anxieties and stress, & as such, we accept poetry, rituals, recipes, opinion, commentary, research essays, fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, book reviews, D&D and other RPG serial games, graphic artist contributions, comic strips, craft and how-to pieces, fan fiction for series like Star Trek, Star Wars, & any other beloved series. 

Solantis Magazine will have several sections:

· Solantis-related future ecological living within harmonious relationship with Earth in arcology setting (you may request a free copy of Alder MoonOak’s novel Solantis). This section can be academic, scientific or speculative writing.

· Secondly, it will host all types of fiction, including articles on spirituality, magic, and real-life experiential experiences with substances that cross the known awareness of our reality. We are especially interested in hearing from new or aspiring authors.

· Thirdly, we accept the non-standard D&D, world building, serializing game and ideas for creative writing and creative thinking. 

· Lastly, any how-to from sculpting, drawing, mold making, creating dioramas or anything related to the world of the imagination that can bring light and transformation into someone’s life.

Articles and fiction of any kind, limited to 2,000 words. If your piece is longer than 2,000 words, feel free to submit a chapter, creating a serial submission. Just let us know this is what you’re doing. There is no fee to submit. Since we are beginning from scratch, no payment is yet offered with publication of the piece, but especially for those just starting, having a published credit to your resume is a good beginning. As we advance, we will offer payment for published pieces. 

As editors, we will do basic proofreading & modification if needed. IF your submission is a multiple submission, please let us know. Submissions must be all original work. If your piece is a research based article, please include sources. No graphic or gratuitous violence or sex, please. 

In submitting, please include your first name, last name, name of piece, quick description of piece including genre, & word count. Deadline for March 2020 publication is Feb. 28, 2020. Thank you. 

Send all submissions and questions to:

Alder MoonOak, PhD, Editor

Dulce Mari Corrales, PhD, Editor


picture:  Alder MoonOak “Dreamtime”



Solantis Magazine May 2020 issue


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